With years of Weston irrigation repair experience

Let us share just a little of our tips and tricks to keep your garden in top health!

Setting Your Home Irrigation Controller

our Weston irrigation repair can give you tips on having a perfectly functioning sprinkler systemMake sure to set your controller to provide water to each coverage area once per week. Weekly waterings will keep your grass thriving.

When To Water

Water during the cooler evening hours. Cooler soil will retain water, and this water will provide for deeper grass rooting, and better soil health in the long run.

When To Stop

Your lawn only needs about an inch of water per weekly watering. Any more will result in wasted water and over watered grass.

Know When To Step In

Grass can receive water from sprinklers and the rain. If your weekly feeding came as a result of precipitation, turn your sprinklers off that week. Keep an eye on local water restrictions and adjust your watering accordingly.

Setting Up Zones

Divide your sprinkler system into coverage zones based on the plants in the area. Properly divided zones with similar watering needs will save on water and provide greater precision in terms of water delivery.

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